Wildan Mubarok


About Me

Having experience in web development since 2017, I've been working on both small and large projects. I usually use PHP and Bootstrap for small projects and Node.js and React for larger ones. I have a lot of experience in full-stack web development, and I know algorithms or tools from things I usually write on Node.js, Python or Go, (and formerly, C++ and C#) in side-projects.

I write a lot of small tools and web toys that end up in my GitHub profile to stay curious. I also sometimes write blogs and documentation for my side projects. I also created web services like a hosting service to fulfill my own needs and sharpen my knowledge in an entirely new field. While I did work on my side projects, I also did work on large projects with several people, which made my soft skills significantly better for the last three years of my career development.

Education Background

Trunojoyo University

Information Technology Bachelor Degree
Active student since fall 2018

Career Milestones

2021: Bangkit Graduate in Machine Learning

My first course with "Kampus Merdeka". Learned Basic AI.

2020: Created DOM Cloud Hosting

My first startup, a PaaS to host websites. Learned Linux.

2019: LPPM of Trunojoyo's Internship

My first ticket to work on many research projects in the University.

2018: Freelancing as Web Developer

My first starting point for career in web development.

2017: Fourth Dimension Engine for Unity

My first project with hyphotetical geometry and physics simulation.

2016: LaTeX Rendering Engine for Unity

My first successful scripting project that sells. Learned AST.

2015: Solar System Simulation

My first edu-game project with 3D algorithm in it. 1:1 Accuracy.

Key Skills

CodeIgniter • Laravel • Strapi • React • WordPress •
JavaScript • PHP • Python • C++ • C# • Go •
Bash • Git • 3D • Computing • Tensorflow