Wildan Mubarok


About Me

Having experience in web development since 2017, I've been involved in numerous project with people. Most of the time I develop web using CodeIgniter (PHP) and MySQL, but sometimes I also work using Node.JS or Python, depends on the software needed for each project. Besides back-end, I also have a deep knowledge in front-end, mainly using Bootstrap, but I also understand WordPress, PWA, React and Flutter, depends on the software need.

Having both of knowledge gives me an advantage of quicker development time. You can tell me what to build and I can tell what software and API that you need to use. I try to improve overtime and I learn quick. Most people that knows me will tell that I'm humble and very efficient to communicate. If you know me from other people, I'm sure he/she knows how good or loyal I am when involved with projects involving software development.

Education Background

Trunojoyo University

Information Technology Bachelor Degree
Currently attending since Fall 2018

Work Milestones

Bangkit, Kampus Merdeka Program

Machine Learning Training Internship in Spring 2021

Web Infrastructure, UNWAHA University

Freelance Work Contract in Fall 2020

DOM Cloud Hosting Solution

Self-funded startup starts in Summer 2020

Trudigi Freelancer Community

Small community starts in Winter 2019

Web Editor, LPPM of Trunojoyo University

University Internship in Summer 2019

Web Redesign, Disperindang Banyuwangi

Freelance Work Contract in Winter 2018

A lot of other website projects

Since 2018, please see wellosoft.net/web for complete list

Key Skills

Backend: PHP • CodeIgniter • Laravel • NodeJS • MySQL
Frontend: Bootstrap • React • Flutter • WordPress
Devops: Bash • Git • Python • Nginx • Cloud Computing