M Wildan Mubarok A

📧 [email protected] 📞 t.me/wiiin0de 📍 Surabaya, Indonesia 🛄 linkedin.com/in/willnode

Work Experience

Software Engineer — GoTo Logistics Jan 2022 - Now

Solo Founder — DOM Cloud Hosting June 2020 - Dec 2021

Fullstack Developer — Freelance June 2018 - Dec 2021


Magister in Information Technology — ITS June 2022 - Now

Bachelor in Information Technology — UTM June 2018 - January 2022


I have so many projects listed in my GitHub profile: github.com/willnode counting over 100 repos and many diverse projects and languages since 2016 with notable projects include DOM Cloud, JS deobfuscator and forwarddomain.net. I also starts to contribute in open source projects recently such as Redox OS. I also sell the most popular LaTeX Engine as Unity Game plugin since 2015.