Get access to Private Repo

If you're one of my customer that bought this asset on Asset Store:

TEXDraw | Engine4 | Camera Projecter | Simple Procedural Skybox

Means you've come to right place to ask an access to core repository that I setup private on GitLab! 😁

Just fill the required information below 👇

Invoice Number:
GitLab Username:


What is this?

I’ve uploaded some paid asset that I sell in Asset Store to a private repo on GitLab, and anybody who have bought it can join into the development or test the bleeding-edge version of the asset.

… And because I’m classic, I like to make the authentication automatic and painless.

What is GitLab?

Seriously you didn’t know what is awesome about it?.

I don’t have a GitLab account

Then sign up! C’mon it’s free and won’t hurt anybody.

Where is the Invoice Number?

It’s looks like this. And you won’t find it anywhere except in email attachment that were sent during purchase confirmation.

What happens if I click Submit?

Series of Authentication will be performed. If everything is OK your invoice and its associated GitLab account will be recorded to our database, the account will be granted, and you’ll have your cake.

Otherwise there’ll special message delivered for you so you can wonder on things.

Can I attach multiple GitLab account under the same Invoice?


Can I change the GitLab account that associated with current Invoice?

No, atleast it have to be done manually. Send me an email if it important.

Hey this thing didn’t work for me!

If you are the person that has refunded your purchase or getting the package via free vouchers somewhere. You can’t, atleast the authentication has to be done manually.

Otherwise screenshot the message and tell me about it.

How this thing doing their magic?

It’s called microservice, and I open sourced it so you can deploy your own for free.

I need you in touch.